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Where Do You Dream to Study?

Where Do You Dream to Study?

Any student who wants to achieve success dreams about studying at a prestige higher educational establishment. Yet still, not each student has access to them. As a rule, these higher educational establishments have too strict requirements to students and their grades. If you can’t make boast of excellent marks, you need to pay for your education. In some instances, the price may be rather sky-high.

In this review, we will take a look at the best and the most upscale higher educational establishments in the world! Probably this review will dispel all doubts!

  1. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology ( ).

This institute is regarded to be one of the best higher educational establishments in the list of QS World University Rankings 2016-2017. You can find it in Cambridge. Living in the USA, this university should be a great choice for you. It fits more for those students who adore engineering and physical science. So, if these subjects are your favorite ones, this educational establishment will give you profound knowledge in this area. If you adore art, social science and humanities, you also won’t regret, entering this university!

  1. Stanford University ( ).

This higher educational establishment is regarded to be in the second place. It is situated in the center of Silicon Valley. This university is mostly popular among people engaged in the business area. Millions of business owners from all over the globe dream about visiting its business courses.

  1. Harvard University ( ).

It is in the third place of the QS World University Rankings. Harvard isn’t just one of the most desirable universities in the USA. It is also one of the oldest ones. It was founded in 1636. Millions of students studying life science and medicine dream about studying at this higher educational establishment.

  1. California Institute of Technology ( ).

Students also call it as Caltech. It is situated in Pasadena, California. As judged by the size, this university is one of the smallest ones in the country. Yet still, its specialization is technical and scientific subjects.

  1. Chicago University ( ).

This higher educational establishment is in the list of the best 10 universities of the world. 89 Nobel Prize winners studied here. This is a good indicator that here you’ll get an excellent education. Its department of physics is one of the most popular ones because the first man-made, self-sustaining nuclear reaction was developed here.

The above-mentioned universities are regarded to be the best in the world and mostly, students dream about studying there. Nevertheless, to enter these higher educational establishments, you need to have high grades or a rich dad who can pay for your education. Their diplomas speak for themselves. They guarantee high-paid job and success in career.




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