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Distance Learning at Prestigious Universities for the Citizens of China

Distance Learning at Prestigious Universities for the Citizens of China

Though China has a powerful educational system, many Chinese students still prefer to get a higher education at prestigious American or European universities. China is a rich country and there are lots of students who can afford studying abroad. Furthermore, their parents are ready to pay any sum for the well being of their kids. Nevertheless, there is a category of students who can’t go abroad because of various factors. They either lack funds or can’t leave the country. In this case, distance learning is an ideal solution for them.

Several Words about the Education System in China

The education system of this country makes boast of a good reputation throughout the world. Its manufacturing industries are constantly renewing. For that reason, various industries require professional staff. Besides, the guarantees of Chinese universities are appreciated in such countries as Japan, Australia, Canada or European countries.

As a rule, all universities in China are public. Only public higher educational establishments are endowed with the capability to award degrees. This is one of several countries in the world who understands the crucial importance of education and constantly invests in this area.

As a rule, they offer the following degrees:

  • Medicine,
  • History,
  • Philosophy,
  • Sports,
  • Mathematics,
  • Science,
  • Engineering,
  • Economics,
  • Management.

These are the major degrees. Except for them there are lots of others. The detailed information about them is available on the official website of a chosen university.

China has more than 400 higher educational establishments and only 30 of them offer courses in English.

How to study in American Universities being in China?

Regardless of the fact that China doesn’t lack higher educational establishments, there is a category of students who want to study abroad. In this case, distance learning is an ideal solution. The epoch of digital technologies offers lots of opportunities and distance learning is one of them.

The greatest benefit of this form of studying is that all students can get a higher education without the necessity to visit a higher educational establishment personally. Students enter the university, conducting all tests online. They also deliver all home assignments online and remote tutors will check them.

As a rule, this form of studying doesn’t limit students. It doesn’t interfere with their personal life as well. So, if you live in China and have a purpose to get a European or American higher education, you can easily do this.

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