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Distance Learning for the Citizens of Africa

Distance Learning for the Citizens of Africa

You know that the level of education in Ghana, Republic of South Africa and other African countries is far from perfect. The major part of the population hasn’t access to education. As a rule, some of them attend schools only. In some districts, higher education isn’t available at all.

Still, there are some people who want to get a higher education. If their families can afford it, these students go abroad and get a higher education in USA, Russia or some other European countries. Nevertheless, it is not cheap. Some families even can’t afford to pay for the tickets.

Today, in the epoch of digital technologies, there is a possibility to get a higher education remotely. In other words, students can study online. In this case, they just need the access to the internet and laptops or mobile devices.

Besides, the price for distance learning is cheaper as compared to on-campus education. It is much more affordable as compared to studying abroad. In this case, you need to pay less and there is no need to leave home.

One of the main obstacles on the way to getting a higher education students face is the language barrier. Of course, at schools, they study in their native language. Yet still, the access to learning in international language is limited. For that reason, it is difficult to speak about studying abroad if you don't know English or French. It is also next door to impossible to get an international education not knowing English.

To improve writing or communicative language, it is necessary to do the following:

  • Watch films in English (better with subtitles);
  • Read English books;
  • Make a lot of written assignments;
  • Take online courses;
  • Talk a lot (if you have access to English speaking people, it will be great).

As a rule, the above-written tips help students improve their level of English. Furthermore, those who have access to the internet will find there lots of free resources, allowing to improve English, check spelling or grammar mistakes or improve pronunciation. The only thing you need is your desire and free time.

Knowing English, you'll be able to enter any university and take distance courses. As a rule, higher educational establishments offer a wide array of them. In this case, even living in African countries, you'll get a diploma of a prestigious university being at home.

Here, at our portal, you'll find lots of tips that will help you overcome all difficulties that happen to you while studying. Do you know the rule which always works? Always choose only reputable and really useful resources that can provide you with lots of useful information.




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